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Merryhunter Labradors

My name is Isa Sandström and I live in Helsinki. I have spent all my life with Labrador Retrievers. In my childhood home, we had black males called Joonas ja Topi. My first truly own dog I acquired year 2000. This dog was Tsarodej Hunter, called Sulo. Sulo has teached me a lot, in good and bad. After him it has been clear for me what I want from my dog and what not. Nowadays Sulo spends his “retirement days” with my parents as a loved pet. From this started my active life among Labradors.

Year 2004 I bought black bitch Muistokas Sinna. Sinna got her first litter 2008 and from this litter I have Merryhunter Anastasia and Angus.

I do mainly retriever trials and blood tracking with my dogs. And sometimes, when we have time and possibilities we go to practical hunting.

My goal in breeding is to breed healthy dogs that are suitable for hunting buddies or other activities.

Ideal dog for me is a good tempered dog with big working capacity in a sound structured body.

I have accomplished breeder’s basic course year 2002 and breeder’s extension course 2009. My kennel name (FCI) “Merryhunter” I got year 2008.

Isa Sandström
+ 358 40 705 7595
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