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News 2018

Happy birthday to 3 year old Pink & Blue puppies!

Happy birthday to 10 year old A-puppies! Wishes Merryhunter Anastasia with a big birthday bone.

Happy 9th birthday to A-litter!

Penny’s puppies were born 19.1.17. All puppies, 2 girls and 4 boys, are black. Available 2 boys for active homes!

Today was one of the hardest day in my breeding career. Merryhunter Caramelo ”Peppi” passed away suddenly. Life is so unfair and why the best ones have to leave us first. Last week all was normal and she has no signs of sickness. Symptoms were only few days and today she got diagnosis, which was acute leukemia. Prognosis was hopeless and hardest ever decicion had to make. We had to let her go over the rainbow bridge. Thank you Vilma and Pauli taking care of her so well during these years.
Run free Peppi! You left us too young and too soon! <3

Merryhunter Caramelo 4.4.2012 – 13.9.2016

Reeta’s girls Riemu (M. Brittany) and Rauha (M. Pink Dream) competed today at rally obedience. This was Rauha’s first rally obedience trial and she got 90/100 points from Novice class. Riemu also got a great result and got the title RTK4. Congratulations Reeta, super results!

We got today excellent results despite of very rainy day. Two of Helmi’s and Lennie’s puppies, M.Pink Velvet and M.Pink Lily, are today qualified in the field only at nine months old! Big congratulations to both of them!

The very first Merryhunter litter celebrates today their 8th birthday. Happy Birthday to all of you!!!

Nero (M. Conquistador) took part in Finnish Character Test and got +143 points.

D-litter is celebrating their first bithday. Happy birthday to all of you!!!

Laku (M. Dark Knight) is today qualified in the field. Congratulations Terhi and Laku!!!

Riemu (M. Brittany) got today her second first prize from beginner’s class in Obedice trial. Congratulations Riemu and Reetta!

Happy Birthday to Sinna! Today is Sinna’s (Muistokas Sinna) 11th birthday and she is still going strong!!!
Penny (M. Cascada) and Riemu (M. Brittany) both started today at Rally Obedience. This was Penny’s first time ever in RO trials and she got 90 points from a beginner’s class! Riemu was today unlucky and she didn’t get a result from a master class.

Penny’s (M. Cascada) and Helmi’s (M. Anastasia) eyes are examined today and both have clear eyes!
M. Coyote attended in Finnish character test at the weekend. The result was +140 points.

Happy 3rd birthday to C-puppies!

M. Brendan, M. Caramelo and M. Coyote eyes have examined today and all have eyes clear.

Happy Birthday B-puppies!

It has been a long time since last update and after that it has happened a lot. At first I want to wish Happy Birthday to A-puppies!
At autumn M. Charme passed BH test and is now eligble to compete in working dog trials. M. Crema took part in field qualification test, but did not pass this time. She passed all other sections except rabbit tracking. Better luck next time! M. Conquistador also took part in qualification test, which he passed and is now qualified in the field!
M. Brittany competed a few weeks ago at agility trial, she did clean run and got second place. She has also taken part in her first obedience competion and the result was first prize!!!
Unfortunately there were also sad news when our dear Sulo passed away at the age of 14 years.

M. Coyote got today prize from beginner’s class at cold game test! So he is moving up to higher class. BIG congratulations Mika and Repe!!!

M. Caramelo has today qualified in the field. Big congratulations Vilma and Peppi!

M. Coyote participate today at a cold game test. Unfortunately he wasn’t lucky with him today and the result was no prize from a novice class.

The last one, M. Caballero, of the C-puppies has now eye examined. Eyes were totally healthy and free from HC, RD and PRA.

Merryhunter Coyoto “Repe” participated today his and his master’s first blood tracking trial ever. The result was third prize from open class. Congratulations!

Muistokas Sinna, dam and greatdam to all Merryhunter labradors, celebrates today her 10th birthday. Happy Birthday to Sinna!

Merryhunter Caramelo was today at her first dog show. The result was Very Good from open class. Congratulations Vilma and Peppi!

Birthday parties are still continuing. :) Happy birthday to 2 year old C-puppies!

Happy bitrhday to 4 year old B-puppies!

Happy birthday to 6 year old A-puppies!

Super news!!! Merryhunter Brittany got the trophy “Year 2013 Agility Retriever” from Finnish Retriever Club! Big congrats! I’m proud of you!!!

Merryhunter Coyote visited in the dog show last weekend and the result was “good” from a working class.

Merryhunters year ended today in the best possible way, when M. Brittany made two 0-track in the agility, got LUVA and a certificate! So she got a qualification to compete in the Maxi3 class on next season. Big congratulations Reeta and Riemu!

Many of Merryhunter dogs have been on the hunting field during this autumn and they have got a good catch. In the picture Merryhunter Brendan “Nixu” is showing his catch.

Merryhunter Anastasia is qualified in the field today. Merryhunter Coyote started also today at cold game test. He got third prize from the beginner class. Congratulations!

M. Coyote has qualified in the field today with flying colors. Congratulations!

M. Brendan has passed Finnish Chracater Test with +169 points.

Happy Birthday to 1 year old C-puppies!

Happy Birthday to 3 year old B-litter!

Happy Birthday to 5 year old A-litter!

Riemu (M.Brittany) competed yesterday at her first agility competion this year. The results were one 0-track with a win and from the other tracks 7th and 8th place.

Riemu (M.Brittany) was on a hunting trip and caught herself a black grouse!

Riemu (M.Brittany) got her first 0 result and a class win from agility Maxi2 class!

Seasonal greetings from Nixu (M.Brendan)!

Merryhunter offspring got several results yesterday. Puntta (M.Anton) competed in obedience in his area championships. He got 1.prize from the beginner’s class and came to the third place. This was his third obedience start and also his third 1.prize and therefore he got the TK1 result. Excellent, big congratulations to Puntta and Katri! Helmi (M.Anastasia), Vilma (M.Brianna) and Curro (M.Boo) went to the Hyvinkää dog show. The judge (Elisabeth Rhodin) was more fond of show line dogs, light build wasn’t in fashion that day. Helmi got result Good, Vilma and Curro got Sufficient.

Riemu (M.Brittany) got her last 0 result and certificate from agility Maxi1 class and is now eligible to compete in Maxi2 class. Congratulations!

Sulo is celebrating today his 12th birthday. Happy birthday to Sulo!

Helmi (M.Anastasia) passed today Finnish character test and got an incredible +250 points!

Pax (M.Angus) passed today a qualification test and he is now qualified in the field.

Ida (M.Ballylina) and her owner Tiina started today at cold game test. The result was beginner’s class prize. Congratulations!!! A breeder is so proud of you. :)

All puppies are sold. Nero boy stays with us few days before he goes towards new advetures.

Ida (M.Ballylina) has passed field qualification test at the weekend. Congratulations Ida and Tiina!

Nixu (M.Brendan) has passed today field qualification test. Congratulations!

Our brood bitch Sinna is today 8 years old. Happy birthday to Sinna!

New puppy pictures have been added to the puppy page.

Riemu competed today at the agility competition. Results were one class win and from the second lane 15 error points. Welldone Riemu and Kirsi!

New photos have been added to puppies photo page.

A link to puppy pictures has been added on the Puppies page. C-litter got their own page on the Litters and Photos pages. A- and B-litter’s photo galleries also have a few new photos.

Myy whelped yesterday a huge litter, altogether 11 puppies! Five males (3 yellow and 2 black) and six bitches (3 yellow and 3 black).

B-litter is today two years old. Happy birthday!

Myy (M.April) had her ultrasound scan today and she is confimed to be in whelp! Black and yellow puppies are expected to be born in early April at week 14.

Merryhunter A-litter is today 4 years old. Happy birthday to all of you! :)

Riemu was again at agility competion. She competed at three tracks and the results were 2*DSQ and one 4th place.

M.Brittany “Riemu” has competed again at agility competition. She won her class and got a clean run!

M.Brittany “Riemu” has competed today at her first agility competition. At the first track Riemu came to the fourth place and second track to the sixth place.

Nixu’s (M.Brendan) official health results has come from Finnish Kennel Club. Hips are A/A and elbows 0/0!

M.Brendan’s “Nixu” eyes have been checked clear.

Happy birthday to Sulo! He is today 11 years old.

Myy (M.April) passed today Finnish character test and got +130 points.

Sulo visited today meet her sister. Both are brisk in their mind, although faces are grey and gaits have shortened.

Almost all B-puppies has hip and elbow x-rayd and all official results are hips A/A and elbows 0/0! Unfortunately also M.Ballylina has diagnosed HC. M.Brianna’s and Brielle’s eyes are OK.
Helmi (M.Anastasia) participated her first blood tracking trial at last weekend. This time deer tracks was more interesting than blood track and result was

Merryhinter Boo’s official x-ray results has come from FKC. Hips are A/A and elbows 0/0, excellent! Unfortunately M.Brittany’s eyes was not clear, when she was on an eye examination 26.4.2011. She was diagnosed HC.

M.Brianna “Vilma”, M.Brielle “Alma”, M.Brittany “Riemu” from B-litter have been hip and elbow x-rays today. All looks good and now we only can wait
official results from Finnish Kennel Club.

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